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Satellite & Wireless Communications

        Optiva Platform RF & Microwave Fiber Optic Transport System

        EMCORE’s Optiva platform includes a wide range of SNMP
        managed fiber optic transmitters, receivers, optical amplifiers,                  n  3 RU 19” 16-slot rack-mount enclosure
                                                                                            -Supports up to 16 hot-swappable card
        RF and optical switches and passive devices, video, audio, data                     modules
        and Ethernet products that provide high-performance fiber                         n  1 RU 19” 6-slot and 1- or 2-slot compact
        optic transmission from 1 MHz to 60 GHz. These units can be                         enclosures available
        used to construct transparent inter- and intra-facility links for                 n  Outdoor Enclosure available
        short- and long-haul RF satellite and microwave signal transport, antenna remoting, video trans-  n  Dual-redundant hot-swappable power
        port, electronic warfare systems and many other high-dynamic-range applications.    supplies
        if, eXtenDeD l-BAnD, s- AnD c-BAnD                                                n  SNMP monitoring and control
        fiBer optic trAnsport                                                             Optiva Card Module Options
                                                                                          n  IF, Extended L, S, C, X, DBS, Ku, K, Ka and
        Optiva Next-Gen Extended L-Band Fiber Optic Link         NEW!                       Ultra-Wideband
                                                                                          n  1310 nm, 1550 nm, CWDM, DWDM
        The Optiva Next-Gen Extended L-Band Fiber Optic Link is optimized to              n  Redundancy switching units & RF splitters
        provide transparent IF, L-Band signal transport along with extended bandwidth
        for native S- and C-Band from 50 MHz to 6 GHz for satellite antenna and inter-    n  RF & optical switches and passive devices
        facility applications. Features include optically-Isolated uncooled DFB laser, peak   n  Optical amplifiers (EDFA)
        optimizer for quick and easy setup, and our patented SmartGain Control for        n  Ethernet 10/100/1000
        enhanced AGC performance.
        Optiva OTS-1L2, 3 GHz Dual Wideband Fiber Optic Links                             Next-Gen L-Band Highlights
                                                                                          n  50 MHz to 6 GHz optimized for IF,
                       The Optiva OTS-1L2 is a dual RF fiber optic link that accepts two RF inputs   extended L-Band, S and C-Band
                       and provides two RF outputs with a single plug-in pair. This dual-density card   n  30 dB Tx and Rx adjustable gain
                       increases the chassis capacity by a factor of two. OTS-1L2 tranmitters and receiv-
                       ers are optimized to perform in the 50 MHz to 3 GHz frequency range providing
                       transparent signal transportation for satellite antenna applications.  OTS-1L Series Highlights

        Optiva OTS-1L Series Satcom Band Fiber Optic Links                                n  Dual or single density card options
                                                                                          n  6 dBm (CWDM), 9 dBm (DWDM) output
        The Optiva OTS-1L series is optimized to provide transparent IF, L- and S-Band    n  30 dB Tx/Rx adjustable gain range
        signal transport for a variety of satellite antenna and interfacility link applica-  n  Optically-isolated uncooled (CWDM),
        tions. Series options include CWDM, DWDM and 1310/1550 nm models sup-               cooled (DWDM) DFB laser
        porting links up to 100 km. The unique features of the OTS-1L series include      n  Peak optimizer for quick, easy setup
        simple push button peaking for optimum performance and our patented               n  50 & 75 Ohm BNC or 50 Ohm SMA
        SmartGain Control, which ensures consistent performance over varied signal        n  Tx & Rx RF power monitors via LED, SMA
        level conditions.                                                                   & SNMP
                                                                                          n  LNB power
        5200 Series 3 GHz High-Performance                                                n  SNMP monitoring and control
        Fiber Optic Inter-Facility Links
        EMCORE’s 5200 Series, 3 GHz Fiber Optic Inter-Facility Links (IFLs)               n  Satellite antenna signal transport
        are a high-performance, cost-effective alternative to coaxial cable               n  Earth stations & headends
        for 20 MHz to 3000 MHz communications applications. They are a                    n  Inter- and Intra-facility signal transport
        compact, weatherproof fiber optic transmitter and receiver pair for               n  VSAT
        applications where high-performance under demanding conditions                    n  Wireless/Cellular (5200 Series)
        is critical.

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