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Satellite Communications

        c, X, Direct BroADcAst sAtellite (DBs), KU & KA-BAnD
        fiBer optic trAnsport
        Optiva OTS-2 Series Satcom Band Fiber Optic Links
                                                                                          Satcom Band Highlights
        The OTS-2 Series Satcom Band Fiber Optic Links are a family of SNMP man-          n  Satellite bands: C, X, DBS, Ku, Ka
        aged fiber optic transmitters and receivers that provide high-performance
        downlink and uplink transport within the modular Optiva platform. C, X,           n  Low RIN source laser
        DBS, Ku- and Ka-Band modules are available. Optiva satcom band modules            n  Microprocessor-based transmitter
        utilize EMCORE’s high-performance ultra-low Relative Intensity Noise (RIN)           control for laser bias, modulator
        source laser technology with high optical input power capable photodi-               bias and link gain
        odes, and feature microprocessor-based transmitter and receiver control for       n  DWDM cooled DFB laser, 10 dBm
        laser and modulator bias. Satcom band modules come with variable RF gain             output
        to provide consistent microwave link operations.
                                                                                          n  SNMP and RS-232 monitoring and
        Block Diagram

                       Transmitter                     Receiver
                                                                                          Satcom Band Applications
                  RF in            Externally  PL   PR                                    n  Satcom band antenna signal
                                  Modulated              Photodiode           RF out         distribution
                                                                                          n  Ground terminal & intra-facility
                         Variable                                    Variable
                         Gain RF  Laser/Modulator        Optical Preamp/Rx  Gain RF          links
                         Preamp  Microprocessor           Microprocessor  Postamp
                                   Control                  Control                       n  Site diversity systems
                                                                                          n  Electronic Warfare (EW) systems
                     -20 dB RF         Optical Output  Optical Input    -20 dB RF
                     Test Point        +10 dBmo min  +11.8 dBmo max     Test Point        n  Broadband delay line and signal
                                                                                             processing systems

        reference & timinG                                                                Reference Oscillator Link and
                                                                                          IRIG Highlights

                    Optiva OTS-1 Ref Series Reference Oscillator Links                    OTS-1 Ref
                                                                                          n  50 Ohm SMA, E2000
                    Optiva OTS-1 Reference Oscillator Links are optimized for 1, 5, 10 and 100 MHz   n  8 dBmo optical output
                    high-level reference signal input. Each unit comes with a 15 dB adjustable gain range
                    capability to provide ideal level match for signal distribution. The OTS-1 Ref series   n  Low electrical power consumption
                    features low phase noise and high-dynamic-range, with optically-isolated DFB lasers
                    that run cool and have low power consumption requirements.            OTS-IRIG
                                                                                          n  30 ns, rms jitter
        Optiva OTS-IRIG Fiber Optic Intra-Facility Links                                  n  Excellent rise/fall time
                                                                                          n  50 Ohm BNC, dual-LC
        Optiva OTS-IRIG (Inter-Range Instrumentation Group) B000 / 1 PPS (Pulse Per
        Second) Fiber Optic Intra-Facility Links provide for simultaneous transmission
        of IRIG-B000 and 1 PPS, or one signal each over fiber. These high-performance     Reference & Timing Applications
        links feature low jitter and sharp rise and fall times.                           n  Satellite reference signals
                                                                                          n  Satellite time code

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