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Satellite Communications

        rf & fiBer optic sWitchinG, siGnAl DistriBUtion,
        netWorK mAnAGement & control
        Optiva OTS-RFS Series Wideband RF Splitters
                                                                                          Splitter & Switching Unit
        Optiva OTS-RFS Wideband RF Splitters (RFS) are designed to provide RF signal distri-
        bution for satellite antenna applications from 5 MHz to 22 GHz. Band-specific 2.3,   n  Switching, splitting options to 22 GHz
        3, 18 and 22 GHz optimized versions are available. The OTS-RFS series provides RF
        signal distribution to support 1x1 RF fiber link redundancy applications.         n  50 & 75 Ohm BNC or 50 Ohm SMA
                                                                                          n  1x1 and 1x4 redundant switch
        Optiva OTS-RSU Series Wideband RF Redundancy Switch Units                           configurations (OTS-RSU)
                         Optiva OTS-RSU Wideband RF Redundancy Switch Units (RSU)         n  Automatic and manual redundancy
                         support satellite signal transport link redundancy applications    modes (OTS-RSU)
                         for 1x1 and 1x4 redundant switch configurations when inte-       n  Dedicated Comm-link for rapid switch
                         grated with Optiva RF fiber optic transmitters and receivers.      response (OTS-RSU-1 models)
                         Band-specific 2.3, 3, 18 and 22 GHz optimized versions are       n  Single or double 2x2 optical switch
                         available.                                                         units (OTS-OSU)
        Optiva OTS-1-OSU / OTS-2-OSU 2x2 Dual-Band Optical Switch Units                   n  SNMP monitoring & control
                                                                                            (OTS-RSU, OTS-OSU)
        The Optiva OTS-1-OSU (single switch) and OTS-2-OSU (double switch) units are opti-
        mized to perform in the 1310 nm/1550 nm (dual-band) operating wavelengths. The    Switch & Splitter Applications
        OSU integrated with EMCORE’s family of fiber delay line units provides a wide range   n  RF redundant link (OTS-RFS, OTS-RSU)
        of configurable microwave system delay line links for satellite, radar and calibration   n  Configurable delay system (OTS-1-OSU)
        applications, plus general optical switching for fiber line applications.
                                                                                          n  Optical link switch (OTS-1-OSU)
        Optiva 10/100 & 10/100/1000 Ethernet Network Management                           Ethernet NMS Highlights
        Connectivity with EMCOREView Management & Control Suite
                                                                                          n  Supports 850/1310/1550 nm, CWDM
                      The Optiva OTP-1ETR and OTP-1GETR fiber Ethernet links, working       and DWDM (OTP-1GETR) optics
                      together with the Optiva EMCOREView Management & Control Suite
                      (OPV-CTLR-1-IC), enables network connectivity to remotely and locally   n  Singlemode and multimode options
                      monitor and control all the Optiva cards with the EMCOREView GUI.
                      They provide fiber transport connectivity for SNMP network manage-  Ethernet/NMS Applications
                      ment traffic between remote satellites and control rooms with one   n  LAN/WAN data transport
                      channel of duplex 10/100 or 10/100/1000 Ethernet over fiber.        n  Short and long distance Ethernet
    OTP-1ETR  OTP-1GETR                                                   OPV-CTLR-1-IC   n  Temporary data feeds

        mUltipleXinG/DemUltipleXinG                                                       Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
        Optiva MDM-7001 Series CWDM & DWDM Multiplexer/Demultiplexers
                                                                                          n  Combine and separate up to 16
                                                                                            different CWDM or DWDM wave-
                    The Optiva MDM-7001C CWDM MUX/DEMUX enables multiplexing or demultiplex-  lengths onto one singlemode fiber
                    ing of up to 8 CWDM wavelengths onto, or from a common singlemode optical   n  Minimal optical fiber use for add/
                    fiber from 1470 nm to 1610 nm. The Optiva MDM-7001D DWDM MUX/DEMUX      drop applications
                    supports as many as 16 DWDM wavelengths for applications from 1547 nm to
                    1559 nm. The MDM-7001D/4 is a 1-slot Optiva plug-in module, while the MDM-
                    7001D/8 and MDM-7001D/16 are 2-slot Optiva plug-in modules.           MUX/DEMUX Applications
                                                                                          n  Nodes in dual-redundant fiber rings
                                                                                          n  Fiber capacity expansion

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