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Microwave Communications

         50 mhz to 60 Ghz UltrA-WiDeBAnD
         fiBer optic trAnsport

        Optiva OTS-2 Series Microwave Band Fiber Optic Links                              Microwave Transport
        The OTS-2 Series Unamplified or Amplified (Tx, Rx Fixed Gain)
        Microwave Band Fiber Optic Links are a family of SNMP man-                        n  Low RIN source laser
        aged fiber optic transmitters and receivers that provide high-                    n  High-dynamic-range of
        performance 50 MHz – 40 GHz transport within the Optiva                             >110 dB-Hz 2/3
        modular platform. 18, 22 and 40 GHz options are available.
                                                                                          n  Microprocessor-based transmitter
                                                                                            control for laser bias, modulator
        Optiva microwave units are tailored to the requirements of                          bias and link gain
        higher frequency applications such as microwave antenna signal
        distribution, electronic warfare systems, broadband delay lines,                  n  DWDM cooled DFB laser, 10 dBm
        signal processing, and phased array antennas. Utilizing EM-                         output
        CORE’s high-performance, ultra-low Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) source laser and high optical   n  SNMP and RS-232 monitoring and
        input power capable photodiodes, these modules provide high-dynamic-range. The system oper-  control
        ates at a nominal wavelength of 1550 nm. Wavelength selected lasers on the ITU grid are also
        available to support multichannel DWDM applications.
                                                                                          Microwave Band Applications
                  Optiva OTS-2 Q/V-Band 60 GHz Unamplified                                n  Microwave antenna signal
          NEW!    Microwave Band Fiber Optic Links                                          distribution
                                                                                          n  Electronic Warfare (EW) systems
        The Optiva OTS-2 Q/V-Band 60 GHz Microwave Band transmitter and                   n  Broadband delay line and signal
        receiver are ideal to construct transparent fiber optic links in the 50             processing systems
        MHz to 60 GHz frequency range for antenna remoting, electronic                    n  Frequency distribution systems
        warfare systems, broadband delay lines, signal processing systems
        and other high-dynamic-range applications. They feature EMCORE’s                  n  Radar system calibration
        high-performance, ultra-low RIN (Relative Intensity Noise) source laser           n  Phased array antenna systems,
        technology and high optical input power capable photodiodes.                        interferometric antenna arrays

        Block Diagram

                      Transmitter                        Receiver

                 RF in             Externally
                                  Modulated                Photodiode            RF out
                        Variable                                         Fixed
                        Gain RF  Laser/Modulator           Optical Preamp/Rx  Gain RF
                        Preamp   Microprocessor             Microprocessor  Postamp
                                    Control                   Control

                    -20 dB RF           Optical Output  Optical Input      -20 dB RF
                    Test Point*         +10 dBmo min  +11.8 dBmo max       Test Point*
       *50 Ohm SMA female connectors

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