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Microwave Communications

         rUGGeDizeD microWAve flAnGe-moUnt trAnsmitters & receivers

        Small Integrated Transmitter (SITU) and Receiver (SIRU) Units
                                                                                          Flange-Mount Transmitter
                                                                                          and Receiver Highlights
                               EMCORE’s Small Integrated Transmitter Units (SITU) are high-per-
                               formance directly-modulated and externally-modulated transmitters   SITU SIRU
                               available from 0.05 – 40 GHz. They can be used to construct transpar-  n  Low RIN Source laser, laser and modu-
                               ent links for microwave antenna signal distribution, Electronic Warfare
        SITU                   (EW) and Ka-Band systems. Other applications include delay lines,   lator bias control circuit, high optical
                                                                                            input power photodiode
                               signal processing, radar system calibration, phased array antennas and
                               interferometric antenna arrays.                            n  High-dynamic-range of >110 dB-Hz 2/3
                                                                                          n  Multiple optical output power options
        EMCORE’s PIN photodiode-based Small Integrated Receivers Units (SIRU)             n  DWDM operation
        work with their companion SITU units and are available in 3, 7, 13, 18, 22
        and 40 GHz optimized options.                                                     n  Fully-integrated unit

        SITU/SIRU Frequency Options                                              SIRU     SITU SIRU Applications
                                                                                          n  Microwave antenna signal
          Frequency Range / Wavelength  Optical Output Power  Frequency Range / Wavelength  Optical Output Power
           0.05 – 3 GHz, 1550 nm  +7 or +10 dBm   0.05 – 22 GHz, 1550 nm  +7 or +10 dBm
                                                                                          n  Broadband delay line and signal
           0.05 – 7 GHz, 1550 nm  +7 or +10 dBm  0.05 – 40 GHz, 1550 nm  +7 or +10 dBm
                                                                                            processing systems
          0.05 – 13 GHz, 1550 nm  +7 or +10 dBm
                                                                                          n  Frequency distribution systems
          0.05 – 18 GHz, 1550 nm  +7 or +10 dBm
                                                                                          n  Phased array antenna systems,
                                                                                            interferometric antenna arrays
        5021T and TR Series DFB Transmitters and Transceivers
                                                                                          5021T and TR Series
        The 5021T and TR Series DFB transmitters and transceivers deliver                 n  Bandwidth from 3 GHz to 22 GHz
        unmatched performance for radar testing, signal processing, phased
        array antennas and phase noise testing. These rugged devices elimi-               n  Cooled, isolated direct-mod DFB laser
        nate many of the problems that are inherent in alternative transceiver            n  High-dynamic-range
                               technologies. The 5021T, when used in                      n  -40 to +65 °C operating temperature
                               conjunction with an EMCORE fiber optic         5021T         range
                               receivers, offers superior performance. 5021TR series transceivers are   n  Flat frequency response and low
                               designed for use with EMCORE fiber optic delay spools and deliver   phase noise
        5021TR                 performance that is superior to acoustic wave and coaxial delay lines.
        5021T Transmitter Frequency Options       5021TR Transceiver Frequency Options    5021T Series Applications
                                                                                          n  Radar testing
           Model    Frequency    Description       Model   Frequency    Description
                                                                                          n  Signal processing
         5021T-A     3 GHz   DFB Transmitter    5021TR-A    3 GHz  DFB Transceiver
                                                                                          n  Phased array antenna systems
         5021T-B     7 GHz   DFB Transmitter    5021TR-B    7 GHz  DFB Transceiver
         5021T-C    13 GHz   DFB Transmitter    5021TR-C   13 GHz  DFB Transceiver        n  Antenna remoting
         5021T-D    18 GHz   DFB Transmitter    5021TR-D   18 GHz  DFB Transceiver        n  Phase noise processing
         5021T-E    22 GHz   DFB Transmitter    5021TR-E   22 GHz  DFB Transceiver        n  Military communications

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